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As a web designer, it is essential to keep updated with the latest and most popular font in the industry.

When considering web design, it is important to keep things simple. Fancy designs which use lots of Flash may be sophisticated and beautiful, but they aren't going to be as effective in converting visitors into buyers.

Simple web design

It's a fact that simple web design does lead to much higher conversions. The font shouldn't be driving away followers. It needs to be:

  • Easy to understand
  • Easy to navigate
  • Easy to read

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Best typeface

There are quite a few options when it comes to free fonts but there are just a couple of typeface, Serif and Sans Serif. A Serif is nothing but a short line after a characters main strokes. They are the semi structural details on the end of certain strokes which make up symbols and letters. Sans Serif basically means "without" Serif. Here, the curly Q's aren't present.

When deciding which typeface and font to use for web design, there are a couple of issues to address:

  • Legibility
  • Readability

Studies show that fonts which have a Sans Serif typeface are able to attract more attention and more legible, this means that they are clear enough to be read. When it comes to readability, this basically means the ease with which a passage of text can be read. The Sans Serif typeface can be tiring to the eye and its readability isn't that great when there is lots of text to cover.


This plays a huge role in user experience and access to beautiful and modern fonts is essential here. Here are a few of the best free fonts on the internet right now:

  • Brandon Grotesque: This warm, beautiful font has been inspired by the geometric Sans Serif style. It is used by a number of modern websites and comes in various weights that make it easy to create a visual hierarchy. It is also legible, modern and clean.
  • Museo Sans: This is another great geometric Sans Serif font. It is used by lots of websites together with serif fonts. It can provide an outstanding reading experience.
  • Raleway: This elegant font was initially designed in just a single weight but it later expanded and now has 9 weight families. It takes inspiration from the geometric Sans Serif style as well. It does offer a lot of personality to anyone who uses it.
  • Playfair: This Serif font is great for headlines and titles. Even though the current trend dictates the use of Sans Serif fonts online, Serif fonts can also be added to the mix to create a beautiful visual experience. This can make for an excellent companion for the Raleway font as well as many others.


Irrespective of which font designers find the most appealing, it is recommended that they always use a couple of different fonts during web design. The first should be a good Sans Serif font for the title and the second should be a nice Serif font for the text.